Cutting Long Matted Hair VS Long Matted Extensions Wigs

Cutting Long Matted Hair VS Long Matted Extensions Wigs

16 Dec 2021 TD Product

Salons rather cut long extensions that are tangled and matted.  So when long hair is matted hairdressers seem to look at them the same. 

Fortunately, they both require time to detangle-so one can not say that either one is easier.

Long hair extensions are easy to buy and replace.  They can be replaced in 1 day if needed. Long hair can not be bought or replaced in 1 day.  With matted hair extensions, their is no emotional or spiritual connection. 

People can not have attachments to wigs or hair extensions.  However you can be attached to your hair.  It is an aspect of your self esteem, self worth and crown of beauty.  People do not get depressed for long periods of time over long matted hair extensions or wigs.  But over their own hair-it is possible

Cutting matted long hair is more of a traumatic experience versus cutting long matted extensions.Matted hair is prevalent, and most women prefer to have this hair on under their wigs or as protection from breakage. But over time, tangled hair can cause stress and the longer it stays, the harder it is to detangle, and that is bad. But, did you know that detangling matted hair can help decrease depression-by adding joy. 

Something else to consider is that long hair changes as you get older and long fine hair may become more coarse or even more fine, so you'll need to modify the products you use. Overall, the real tip is that there are a number of products that will work well for fine hair generally, but you really have to try them out.  That is why the Take Down Remover detangler products works so well to save matted long hair or long hair extensions.

First  professional hair detanglers need to understand the two types of tanged knots in fine hair. If you wish you had a long, lush mane of hair instead of the limp locks you currently have? The simplest way out of your problem is to get hair extensions attached.  But not the easiest way to grow your hair.

In fact, any experienced hair dresser and should preferably buy extensions made of human hair instead of synthetic substances since real hair looks better and lasts longer. Yet they can still get just as tangled and matted as a real head of hair.

Most people need to realize that it is very important for you to take good care of your hair extensions so that they continue to look attractive for as long as possible. After all, they are fixed artificially to your hair and will need special treatment. For one, you need to be very gentle when washing your hair. Run your fingers through your hair in order to remove tangles.  You should never use circular motion whilst washing your hair because this will inevitably result in matting.


With long hair or long hair extensions, be very particular to braid your hair lightly before you go to sleep. This will prevent your hair or  hair extensions from getting entangled or pulled out. It will also reduce the amount of combing you need to do to your hair. However, you do need to use your fingers to keep each bond separate from the other ones in order to reduce the possibility of dreadlock tangles locking or matting.

People envy long mane of hair or hair extensions.  But when both are taken care of-people will not even know that you use extensions or real hair!

Always remember that there Are Hairdressers Who Will Not Touch A Clients Hair that is severely matted or tangled.  The increase of women deciding to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair, as well as the adornment of protective hairstyles-such as braids, weaves, dreadlocks and extensions; has caused an explosion of matted tangled hair issues. These issues have unfortunately revealed that not all hairdressers care about hair.  Call tangled hair techs today to help you save your hair.



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