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Our Story

It all began when seeing and hearing about depressed adult women and little girls crying from their hair being matted to scalp, dreadlock, matted tangled filled with knots, and clumps of birds nest tangles had no solution.  They were judged negatively by friends and family, while also being judged/ rejected by their own stylist and hairdressers.

It was then Take Down Products was created with the goal of offering AMAZING gifts to all women with hassle of how to detangling their matted hair and avoid to cut it.

Here at Take Down Products, we offer you the great and innovative products on the market!  

Take Down Products has become a growing customer-focused brand, with customers all around the world. The Take Down Products team is a group of highly experienced technicians from diverse backgrounds who, just like you, enjoy putting smiles back on your faces.

We've assembled a product that is constantly working to solve all kind of matted tangled dreadlocked hair problems; also we have put together list of other favorites Product or gadget that you would love.  Luke 1:37.

Testimonials "Hear From Others"

I love TakeDown Remover! This product safe my hair from been cut off as the salon lady advice.

Jennice H, New York

TakeDown Remover! This is a miracle after 1 year of matted hair now I can walk in the park with my hair feeling the air and bouncing again.

Jennifer Bäßler, Schwäbisch Germany

I order the takedown remover for my mother after years of sickness and we could not was her hair we manager to safe what is left from her hair, she love beauty again thank you.

Sophie H, Ontario Canada

An Indian Woman with long hair, The unexpected happen when my long beautiful hair got tangled up.  I have searched online and offline for solution but all I hear is cut it off, I found Take Down Hair Remover via a Youtube video, Hope was restored in me. I order the product the rest was magic. Thank You Take Down Product 

Avani S, Mumbai India

I had my dreadlocks on for about a year & few months, I don't really like the idea to cut my hair, I was going through YouTube then I saw the Take Down Remover In Action as an Afro-American I said this one of the fake product to get your money. I concluded too fast, This product is magic after I bought a bottle to test on a small portion of my hair "WOW" I recommend Take Down Remover

La Kisha, Chicago

I watch a Youtube Video saw the lady use this product & it works, I just wanted to buy mine, I was worried if as a muslim the product dont have any animal part in it, I contact them and I was assured, I got 6 bottles fews days later my hair are back. Thank You Take Down Product.

Khadija M, London United Kingdom

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