1 Hour-3 Hours Detangle Matted Hair Service Deposit Payment

$ 625.00 USD


tangle hair expert

Hire a tangle hair expert.  This is a matted hair detangler deposit payment for  minimum of 1-3 hour of detangle services.  It includes 1 bottle of the Take Down Remover cream.

When scheduling detangle service appointments, clients are required to pay a minimum deposit  payment

Thank you for choosing to allow us to help you save your very matted tangled hair.  We want you to achieve and maintain healthy hair. Detanglng matted tangled hair is a very slow and tedious process that we take very seriously. That is why we advocate Luke 1:37...All things are possible with God.

Upon receiving your hair service deposit, we will contact you VIA EMAIL ONLY within 24hrs or by the next business day to confirm in writing your appointment requests.  Then our detangle techs will call you to discuss details of the detangle service(s).

The Hair Service deposit will be applied to your balance due at the end of your detangle service appointment.

All appointment reservations require a non-refundable deposit.

*****PLEASE NOTE******PRICING******************
We have detangle techs that service most major cities in the USA including Honolulu, Hawaii and various International cities.

Hourly rates start at $225.00 per hour and up.  

Day rates start at $1,575.00 and Up.  

Detangle Techs can provide mobile services outside the USA.  Clients  pay for travel and accommodations.

********Please note that Not all detangle services ARE THE SAME!*******

Please book your appointment with us by making this deposit, it will be applied toward the total cost for your detangle service(s) at the time of your appointment.  Appointments can requested, but  without a paid deposit  they are not confirmed.


This is a deposit fee that goes towards payment of hair detangling services by any of our Professional Hair Detangler Techs in order to book a detangle service appointment.  At checkout, in the "NOTES" box message kindly request specific detangle service dates.

********Please note that Not all detangle services ARE THE SAME!*******

Professional Hair Detangler Services  Policy & Rules                                      Questions & Answers

1. Can I get a refund for my deposit? No

2. Can I reschedule with my deposit? Yes, your deposit  does not expire as long as and ONLY if you give a 24hr notice prior to your appointment via email. 

3. Can I use my deposit for someone else? Yes, but they will have to keep your appointment or use your ONE-TIME to reschedule which still requires a 24 hr notice.

4. Does my deposit go towards my service? Yes

5. Will I be charged the remaining balance if I don't make it to my appointment? No 

6. After 30 min late even with a call in will I lose my deposit?  Yes and the full amount will be due if you desire to receive service. And there is a possibility that you will be considered a RESCHEDULE CLIENT and have to wait. 

7. Can I bring someone with me that does not have appointment? Yes, we encourage you to bring other for support. ( No babies)

8. Does getting additional services change my deposit amount? NO, your additional services do NOT change the amount of your deposit. 

9. What happens if I don't pay my deposit? You can not receive service.  We are “by appointment only”
10. Does the salon automatically add gratuity to my bill? NO, that's your choice to tip, we will not force you to tip.

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